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About me:

Welcome to my site. I have been working as a photographer for 25 years and my pictures have appeared in publications such as The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Independent Review, GQ, The Guardian and the Condé Nast Traveller. I trained in London and Paris with top portrait and fashion photographers, travelling extensively while doing so. 

Above all else I'm a people photographer and happy working either on location or in the studio. I have extensive experience working with advertising, editorial, corporate and celebrity clients, as well as covering events and reportage for brochures. In each case I feel the most important element on a shoot is to create a relaxed environment in which people can feel comfortable to express themselves and explore creative possibilities. This I feel brings a warmth and intelligence to my work that ensures my client ends up with a strong selection of images to use. I'm based in London and happy to discuss any commission you may have in mind. Darren


I have frequently assigned Darren for editorial portrait and reportage/lifestyle photography. Apart from being a terrific photographer he is the most positive person I have ever worked with. He has impeccable manners and is a great communicator; a true " people person" who gets along with the most tricky of subjects. Darren has always come back with excellent and creative results that without fail has fitted the brief. He's never let me down, and after 35+ years in this business that's quite something.

Victoria Lukens
Picture Editor at Conde Nast Contract Publishing